Crash Bandicoot

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  • Black & Colorful Retro Bandicoot Video game Mask Backpack

    Black & Colorful Retro Bandicoot Video game Mask Backpack

    90's Kids and PS-Fans will remember this evil dude.He's known for being the bad guy and helping Dr. Neo Cortex, to enslave humanity and now You can have Your own one, which probably won't help You to enslave this planet, but at least people will leave you alone, when they see that you belong to the "evil side" :DAlso this backpack is great for a Bandicoot Cosplay :)This backpack is a must have for every Bandicoot Fan.It's a pretty cool and eyecatching Backpack. It's sturdy, all A4 folders and books fit in.The backpack has an inside pocket, inside lining, and it's closeable with a zipper.The straps are also adjustable.

    659.00 SR

  • Woodbox for ps4 CD case - Crash Bandicoot N'sane Trilogy Edition - Aku version

    Woodbox for ps4 CD case - Crash Bandicoot N'sane Trilogy Edition - Aku version

    woodbox è realizzato interamente in legno, scolpito a mano e lavorato sino a dare l'aspetto di una scatola woompa della saga Crash, in più sopra viene realizzata l'immagine di Aku in resina, e dopo dipinta a mano.Le misure del box sono di 19x15x3, misura realizzata per contenere la custodia del gioco Ps4.Consiglio il prodotto dato che sono ad edizione limitata (sono gli unici Ufficiali) e non rimarranno in vendita ancora per molto tempo.The woodbox is made entirely of wood, hand-carved and worked to give the appearance of a woompa box of the crash saga, above it is realized the picture of resin Aku, and after hand painted.Box sizes are 19x15x3, size designed to hold the Ps4 gaming case.I recommend the product since they are limited edition (they are the only Officers) and will not remain on sale for a long time.

    438.00 SR

  • Ripper Roo Storage Box

    Ripper Roo Storage Box

    Attention: while I do not smoke myself, I currently live in a home with smokers. I keep my items stored in a bin with a deodorizer once they are completed, however they may still take on a scent. Please keep this in mind before purchasing and certainly before leaving a review. - I am also a pet friendly home and a cat owner. **———Ripper Roo from Crash Bandicoot sitting a top a TNT box!Ripper Roo himself is hand sculpted from polymer clay and hand painted using acrylic paints. He’s glued to the top of the box with E6000 glue.The box itself is wooden, with a crate like texture sculpted on top of the previously smooth surface, and painted to look like the TNT boxes from the game.The “inner box” can be removed and small items can be stored inside!

    412.00 SR

  • Sound Diorama Cube - Crash Bandicoot

    Sound Diorama Cube - Crash Bandicoot

    Re-discover your favourite on-screen moments with these uniquely handcrafted diorama cubes! Make your favourite gaming memory, anime, childhood cartoon, tv show or movie come to life in 3D. Meticulously assembled by hand to the highest standard, these cubes make the ideal gift for your gamer friend, family member or special somebody. Display it in your home, gaming room or workspace. A cute little box capturing nostalgia and good memories forever!.★ WHY CHOOSE US ★• We source the best quality materials for all our diorama cubes.• Each cube design is meticulously composited with skilfully edited graphics.• All artwork is sourced from original material for highest resolutions possible.• All media is studied in detail so every cube is faithful to the source material.• We use a specialized machine for pixel perfect precise cut-outs. This means no crooked cuts, rounded edges and missing details.• Detailed touch-ups and double sided printing for the neatest finish possible. Don’t let poor quality hand-cut pieces with white edging ruin the illusion of the diorama.• Each diorama cube has full graphics around all sides of the cube so it looks great from every angle.• We offer customisable designs, so we can bring your vision to life 100%.

    257.00 SR - 422.00 SR

  • Crash Bandicoot Custom Wumpa Fruit (3 pc)

    Crash Bandicoot Custom Wumpa Fruit (3 pc)

    These are handmade wumpa fruit accessories from the Crash Bandicoot franchise, meant for display. There are 3 per order. They are handmade and are roughly 3cm (1.2 in) tall from the base to the top of the stem. Each one is made individually so they are not identical - weight/shape/paint may vary slightly, but for the most part they are the same. I don't have any size variations listed since I don't have any other sizes currently made, but if you do want a set of bigger/smaller pieces, just message me and I'm sure we can work something out. The ones listed were made to scale with smaller/average size Crash figures and look pretty good next to them. The figure in the pictures is the NECA Ultra Deluxe Crash. The colors are something that can be tweaked upon request too, but the current colors are definitely the most accurate. Thanks for looking!

    192.00 SR

  • Video Game inspired Outdoor Plant Pots

    Video Game inspired Outdoor Plant Pots

    Video Game inspired Outdoor Plant PotsThese plant pots have been designed to have drainage holes at the bottom so that they are suitable for outdoor use.The design is thick walled and makes them very durable.Large size:Width/Length 12cmHeight 11.5 cmSmall size:Width/Length 8cmHeight 7.5cm

    86.00 SR - 149.00 SR

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