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  • Far Cry® 5 Boomer Image Lighter

    Far Cry® 5 Boomer Image Lighter

    Boomer is here to sit, stay, and attack! This Far Cry® 5 design takes the adorable, yet fierce fang for hire and color images him on a Street Chrome™ lighter with the Far Cry® 5 logo chromed out across the top. So whether you are liberating Hope County from the Project at Eden's Gate cult or showing some love for the good boy himself Lighter Specs:      Height: 2.25″      Width: 0.5″     Depth: 1.5″     Weight: 0.18 lbs.

    375.00 SR

  • Far Cry® 5 Eden Gate Lighter

    Far Cry® 5 Eden Gate Lighter

    Trust. Prey. Obey. That is the code of the cultists of the Project at Eden's Gate, the doomsday cult that has overthrown Hope County in Far Cry® 5. In this design, the creed's logo and the saying "Souls do not harvest themselves," as well as the Far Cry® 5 logo is laser engraved on a Brushed Chrome lighter Lighter Specs:      Height: 2.25″      Width: 0.5″     Depth: 1.5″     Weight: 0.18 lbs.

    402.00 SR

  • Far Cry® 5 Flag Lighter

    Far Cry® 5 Flag Lighter

    This Far Cry® 5 design takes a cryptic twist on the American Flag. The Project at Eden's Gate doomsday cult is the main antagonist in Far Cry® 5 game, and their logo is luster etched onto a High Polish Chrome lighter Lighter Specs:      Height: 2.25″      Width: 0.5″     Depth: 1.5″     Weight: 0.18 lbs.

    504.00 SR

  • Far Cry® 5: HeatBank® 9s Rechargeable Hand Warmer

    Far Cry® 5: HeatBank® 9s Rechargeable Hand Warmer

    Travel to Hope County, Montana, the fictional location of Far Cry® 5, and takedown Joseph Seed and his doomsday cult, Project at Eden's Gate. This design used the color images process to print the Far Cry® 5 logo onto a HeatBank® 9s Rechargeable Hand Warmer. The perfect gift for any Far Cry fan! Warm hands play fast, and in gaming, every advantage counts. The convenient power bank features black and silver models and recharges your USB compatible device, keeping your gaming accessories ready for action at all times.  FEATURES Charges USB compatible devices including; mobile phones, Mp3 players, tablets, cameras, etc. Dual sided heat up to 120°F / 50°C operating temperature with six (6) heat settings for adjustable and comfortable warmth Battery and heat indicator lights Rechargeable 5200 mah lithium-ion battery (included) for lasting reliable warmth - up to 9 hour run time BENEFITS Reusable, less waste versus disposable warmers Perfect for staying warm inside offices or extended outdoor activities Quickly shows the selected heat setting & battery charge remaining Plenty of heat to keep your hands warm in cold weather Lets you adjust the heat to your environment HeatBank® Specs: Height: 4.88"Width: 2.38"Depth: 0.95"Weight: 5.52 oz.Warranty: 1 year

    914.00 SR

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